Help your kids build their own personal power

I’ve written a great deal about thinking of your family as a business—not in the money-making sense but doing the tactical things that businesses do to be successful, which I call the Family Treasury ™ Model.   Have a vision, goals, a strategic plan, assign roles and responsibilities, communicate.   A model that takes the best practices […]

True Family Wealth – Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself and Re-think Creativity

Use your power We often feel dissatisfied with where we are and what we don’t have. No matter how financially “successful” we are, we can think of someone personally—or perhaps know of someone—who seems to have so much more than we do: more stuff, more money, more fun, more power, more fame. If you don’t […]

Rethinking Money. Does money make us happy?

Have you ever thought, If I just had more money, I’d be happy? With more money, you could do more, be more, have more, and then, finally, feel peace of mind? You’re not alone…