True Family Wealth – Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself and Re-think Creativity

Use your power

We often feel dissatisfied with where we are and what we don’t have. No matter how financially “successful” we are, we can think of someone personally—or perhaps know of someone—who seems to have so much more than we do: more stuff, more money, more fun, more power, more fame.

If you don’t have what you want, it’s because you haven’t created it. You and you alone are responsible for applying your resources and creating the life you want. As long as you desire something, make choices, and take action, you are in the act of creating.

When we stop feeling sorry for ourselves and the circumstances, when we choose to “make lemonade out of lemons,” when we reject being a victim of the stories of our life—that is when the magic happens. That is when we take back our power and decide for ourselves what we want to create with what we have, and how that can give us more; then we can create still more with what we just created.

In my book, True Family Wealth- Love, Money & an Inspired Life, we explore how the 3 Root Resources (a worthy mission, loving relationships, and achievements through action) are always available to help us make changes in our lives.

At the deepest levels of reality, you don’t just “get” money, or love, or freedom. You create it. Although this thought might be a stretch for you at this point, try to understand that you can create anything you want if you passionately desire it, choose to get it, and then take action to go after it. You create the money that begets more money. You create the good health that begets more good health. You create the love that begets more love. You create the time to beget more time and the freedom to beget more freedom. You create the imagination, knowledge, experiences, beliefs, and traditions that beget more of these but with an evolutionary upward turn of the spiral each time.

If you desire something, make choices, and act, then you are in the act of creating.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “That’s a pile of crap! I’m not responsible for losing my job when my employer went bankrupt. I’m not responsible for having cancer. I’m not responsible for being born with this disability. I’m not responsible for my addiction, it’s a disease. I’m not responsible for being born into a family of poverty who can’t afford to send me to school.” Or you could just as easily be thinking, “That is ridiculous I didn’t create all this wealth, my parents did. I simply inherited it.” Or, “I didn’t create this good health, I simply inherited good genes.” So even those blessed with an abundance of a certain resource often don’t feel empowered by it because they believe they have it out of luck. And they often feel a lack of resources in other areas. My point is: I get it. The idea that we can create whatever we want may sound far-fetched. I am still trying to own it.

Many of us face challenges that seem to enforce boundaries on what we can achieve in this life. Plenty of real-world examples demonstrate how life can hand us circumstances out of our control, situations we feel we didn’t choose to create for ourselves. Esoteric philosophers and Buddhists would call it karma. Scientists would call it random bad luck. Religions would call it the consequence for sin. Whatever the cause, “shit happens.” Did we somehow, back along the path of our lives, set things up with the choices we made that led us to where we are today? Is there something powerful for us to learn, upon which to build our character and personal power in every circumstance we face?

Is this shit we’re dealing with really the growing pains of the act of creation?

Is it possible we actually in some way did choose this for ourselves?

We are all wealth creators. The question is what kind of a future will you create starting from where you’re at today.