Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution –make a plan!!


I think that New Year’s resolutions usually fail because they are nothing more than a well-intended ‘wish’ for change. Most people live the same old song over and over again due to subconscious patterning. So despite a desire to do something new or change their path, their subconscious rules by default,  playing back their comfort patterns. That subconscious gets reprogrammed through concerted effort and consistent action.

So instead of a resolution—why not create a plan. In my business of helping families manage their finances as well as deal with a wide range of wealth, lifestyle and legacy issues, I firmly believe in creating a plan for the entire family.

It’s not just a financial plan, but a wholistic strategic plan or roadmap meant to enrich the entire family.

The first step is to have a dream. 

What is the greatest vision for your life?

What do you want the future to look like?

And then, of course, take action in a focused and efficient way, which means creating goals and objectives.

What is your goal and how are you going to achieve them? Write it down. Just like a business that sets goals and objectives every year.

When setting goals, ask yourself what it will look like for you when you realize your dream:

  • spiritually,
  • financially,
  • physically,
  • relationally
  • socially

Businesses do not rely on resolutions but identify their goals and objectives then chart a path to get there. You can do that, too.

Chris Clarke is the author of True Family Wealth Love, Money and an Inspired Life. Her personal passion is to help families rethink what money means.  Her book Is the culmination of her years working with families in which she offers tried and true practical strategies to help transcend the issues surrounding money and relationships – while developing financial acumen and an “attitude of gratitude” within the next generation of wealth stewards.

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