What is your personal mission?

How do you create a personal mission?

In my last post, we discussed a process to identify your true calling in life. Now what ? We need to create your personal mission of course. Some of us might be confused as to what the distinction really is so I would like to provide my personal definitions here. A calling, as we discussed, is that one talent or activity in your life that inspires you and brings you joy. It is a major aspect of who you are. However, a calling is also just a raw form of energy that must be successfully wielded in order to create the lives we want. This is where a personal mission comes into play. You can think of your personal mission as your skeleton plan of how you will express your calling.

My personal mission is to enrich families so that all family members thrive, live the lives they love with the resources to do so.  I do this by encouraging discussion and using the best practices that bring families together to create True Family Wealth-Love Money and an Inspired Life.

Wow…I just put that out there. Now I really have to own it. That is one of the best ways to support the realization of your dreams- let everyone know about your mission! Then it is much harder to chicken out or quit if you have any pride at all.

In my example, I described the “what” — the mission,  which for me is to “enrich all family members to create True Wealth”. I live this, I witness this and I am passionate about it. I wish everyone could see what I see. My “how” of achieving that is to stimulate people through discussions and my book, True Family Wealth: Love, Money and an Inspired Life, to think outside the box, determine if they see some of the same patterns that I do and look at themselves and both their inner and outer lives to see if True Family Wealth rings true for them. Then, I hope for discussion with anyone who will talk with me about it. When that happens, we all win and I get my kicks out of it.  It thrills me to see it in action. This is my personal mission. It is the next step in my evolution and I hope also for those who are ready and willing to receive and share it.

I also suggest you summarize your Personal Mission Statement down to one word so that you can use it to quickly re-center yourself when you get off-course. My word is “Empower”.

When each member has discovered their own personal mission, they are well on their way to developing as persons of excellent contribution and ever strengthening self-worth. They exude a high-energy vibe and are interesting people to be with. They give and receive more love and are better able to love unconditionally and accept constructive criticism for self-improvement. They are also confident communicators, will say how they feel and are therefore better contributors to the group.

Now, imagine a group of individuals all living their personal mission. What if they came together under one common mission? A family or group so aligned is a powerful force indeed. With self-confidence and the support of each other, coupled with the discipline that comes with emotional maturity, they can truly be a force for creation. The unique talents being expressed by each member of the group can be aligned to create something new and bigger than the individuals themselves could ever have imagined. This I know to be true.

Chris Clarke is author of True Family Wealth Love, Money and an Inspired Life, which can be purchased on Amazon.ca   http://amzn.to/2i4eqhw    True Family Wealth is a top pick at Indigo in the business book section and is recommended by MoneySense Magazine