For True Family Wealth, here are five ways all members of your family can thrive.

  • For emotional maturity, aim for detachment from emotions such that you learn to feel and acknowledge them, respond where appropriate, and then let them go. Avoid creating family drama and stories over issues that are usually not about you, yet mirrors something within you that needs to evolve.
  • For awareness, learn to calm the emotions so that your mind can perceive and you can respond with clarity about the truth of a situation, not what your reactivity would have you jump to assume is the situation.
  • For gratitude, nourish, appreciate, and even celebrate what you do have and value. When looking forward to how far you must go, remember to look back at how far you’ve come.
  • For profound relationships, strive for open, honest, vulnerable, and respectful communication with those you care about.
  • For purpose, strive for meaningful work that you are proud of and makes use of your unique talents and abilities. Find a purpose, regardless of whether you’re paid for it, that is worthy of your life focus.

Knowing that our fundamental goal is a sustained feeling of contentment, fulfilment and joy helps us to understand that our life purpose is to evolve, not to chase money. In the act of evolving, we will generate all those incredible feelings that we think money will give us. Evolving empowers us to use money as a tool to create, knowing that it is the act of creating that will give us the most joy.