True Family Wealth Means Defining Your Dreams

For True Family Wealth you need to define your dreams. The more your define your dreams, the more likely you are to achieve your dreams.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the greatest vision for your life now, given your values and purpose?
  • What do you want your future to look like?

Your big dream should feel like a mountain you can’t wait to climb.

Let’s take Jack as an example.  He is a carpenter living in the city working for a cabinet maker, yet he values fresh air, nature and wide open spaces. He dreams of building and living in a log home in the country. He doesn’t want to just up and leave his employer without giving him time to find a replacement and also doesn’t currently have the money to support himself while he builds the log home. You can see that Jack has to be realistic about his starting point but still make himself stretch out of his comfort zone to visualize and realize his dream.

Hint: Your big dream has a higher likelihood of materializing if it is related to what you are passionate about.

To realize your big dream, of course, you need to act. To direct that action in a focused and efficient way, you need to set goals and objectives. Setting goals are the process of visualizing the realization of your dream. Picture yourself climbing that mountain and strategizing how you would do it. You need to have a clear vision of what your goal will look like, both the sum and its parts, for it to have a greater chance of manifesting.

When setting goals, ask yourself what will it look like for you when you realize your dream:

  • Spiritually,
  • Financially,
  • Physically,
  • Relationally

These aspects are important parts of you as a whole person, so nothing but a holistic approach will do. Your goals should be specific, measurable, and realistic but still a stretch. They should fulfill your personal life desires, especially around money, love, and freedom.

Hint: You have a much better chance of achieving your dream if it benefits not only you but others as well.

In pursuit of his dream, Jack’s list of goals might include: (1) become self-employed, (2) find the perfect homestead, and (3) create a cash reserve of $50,000.   He is a darn good carpenter and could be of great benefit to the locals of a small town.

Then, to ensure that you do the often-arduous climb up that mountain peak, it is best to break down the journey into steps. You aren’t going to climb that mountain any other way then step by step by step. Objectives are the steps along the way: both short-term and long-term benchmarks that need to be met to achieve your goals.

Chris Clarke is the author of True Family Wealth Love, Money and an Inspired Life. Her personal passion is to help families rethink what money means.  Her book, Is the culmination of her years working with families in which she offers tried and true practical strategies to help transcend the issues surrounding money and relationships – while developing financial acumen and an “attitude of gratitude” within the next generation of wealth stewards.  ( Facebook: