Family Celebrations & True Family Wealth

Part of Creating True Family Wealth & A Healthy Dynamic Team.

Creating True Family Wealth begins with family celebrations marking milestones and accomplishments and is part of the fun of being together.  As with any business,  celebrations are used to create a cohesive unit within an organization.  So too are family celebrations which are an integral part of the   holiday season.  This year, try viewing your family celebrations as a time to build a healthy dynamic team which can transform your relationships with each other.

A family of high esteem relishes time together to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and that of the family as a whole.  It is so important to celebrate how far each of you have come and collectively what you have achieved.  We can get so focused on our individual goals that we miss the journey and family highlights along the way. Celebrating those milestones keeps you together in the long game.

What if you don’t like some of your family members?

Hey, you’re not alone!  You like the idea of a family of high esteem that enjoys being together, but perhaps your current family relationships aren’t all that good and you don’t know where to start.

First understand, that all families have their challenges and some issues and times  are more difficult than others.   But if you accept that family is a major means by which we can help each other grow and begin to create True Family Wealth, then you can begin to heal those relationships.  How?

Building Better Relationships & True Family Wealth begin with you.

Most of us have okay relationships with some family members, crummy relationships with others, and even far worse relationships with ourselves. So how can we improve our love and relating with ourselves and others so that our family can be a healthy and dynamic team?

By first recognising  that we misunderstand love.  In my book, True Family Wealth-Love, Money & an Inspired Life, I describe how we most often “love” from a place of illusion that we are separate from one another, and therefore judge each other as good or bad, smart or stupid, ugly or beautiful, successful or not, etc.

However, as I describe in  my book,  when we begin to understand that what we don’t like in another is simply mirroring back to us that which we don’t like about ourselves, we begin to heal. You see, you already have it within you. How else would you know “it” so well? When we understand our family members often mirror (respond) back to us the “stuff” we put  out, we can begin to upward spiral the love we give ourselves and each other to its highest expression, unconditional love.

So, this holiday season, rather than focusing on the “us vs. them” feeling, try developing an attitude of gratitude for the journey we are each taking, vow to love ourselves and each other unconditionally, celebrate together how far you have all come, and dream together of an even bigger future.